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Date added: 25-03-2018

We are the sole distributor of boats from the legendary shipyards: Fairline Yachts, Elling Yachts and Parker Poland on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
We offer only the highest quality products addressed to customers who in this respect do not accept compromises.

Our qualified team consists of a group of boat construction experts, as well as motor yachting enthusiasts. Many years of experience in the marine industry gives us the opportunity to provide services at the highest level consistent with the standards of represented producers. We offer a full range of maintenance services - we also provide service outside of the country. We organize boat transport to a selected place in the world and help in organizing parking spaces. We provide our clients with training, not only in the field of technical service of the unit, but also maritime navigation. The program includes training cruises with an instructor.

Our home port is Kołobrzeg, one of the most famous holiday resorts of the Polish coast, a historic spa, but also the destination of sailors mainly from Germany and Scandinavia.
Geographical location gives us great opportunities to spend unforgettable moments on the water. We especially recommend visiting the network of newly created marinas belonging to the West Pomeranian Sailing Route.
For lovers of further journeys, we recommend a cruise to Nexo on Bornholm. Only two to three hours of travel divide us from this beautiful island! The next two hours later we are already in Skillinge on the south coast of Sweden.
And here is the time to decide whether this time we are visiting a beautiful skerry coast dotted with numerous islands near Karlskrona, or are we going on a fascinating journey along the west coast around Goteborg, or perhaps the Norwegian Fjord?

So nice country,
not only the seas of southern Europe ..
It's time to take a course to Kołobrzeg, and from here it's not far to the beautiful Scandinavia!

The dedication and experience of our employees are a guarantee of your satisfaction!

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